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I couldn’t care less about your religion or sexual orientation or race or whether you’re a virgin or have slept with 400 people or have done time in jail

but the moment you eat my leftovers without asking that’s when i decide you’re a terrible person

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  • Homework: A
  • Classwork: A
  • Project: A
  • Test: F
  • Final grade: F
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teen wolf is one of those shows u gotta focus 100% or else when u blink there are 3 people missing, 7 people dead, and a new enemy

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if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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Eat anything you want and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.

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Got myself a bean bag couch. The dog thinks he has a new throne
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Is that zane from 1direction

this post ruined my life
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Anonymous asked: What's your major in college?



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*blows kiss up to the sky (for the aliens)*

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i think freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, bruises, birthmarks and scars are probably the coolest thing, you started with almost a blank canvas and look at u now, all this evidence that you’ve lived and the sun has shone on you and you’ve grown and maybe tripped up a few times and liked an image so much u made it a permanent part of u, beautiful.

That’s one of the most uplifting things I’ve read

This needs to get passed around more

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